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Self Heated Sex Toys that will Get You in the Mood

When days become shorter, and there is a nip in the air, you know that winter is coming. As the cold season sets in, all one feels like doing is staying warm and cozy and looking for ways to turn up the heat in the bedroom. What if we told you that there are now available sex toys that can warm up on their own to make things even steamier in the bedroom?

Whether you are a novice at playing around with sex toys or a seasoned pro, self-heating sex toys are the hottest trending thing out there, and you need to try them out already! Of course, you may have heard of adult toys that can vibrate, thrust, suck and even replicate human mouths. Still, the latest toy creating waves in sex tech is a toy that imitates the heat produced by the human body – another step closer to perfecting the human experience.

So, what is a self-heating sex toy?

A warming sex toy turns up the heat. Literally. Essentially they are adult toys with a warming feature built into the toy itself. This feature warms up the insertable part of the toy. At this point, if you’re wondering if it will get too hot, it will not. Most warming vibrators and sex toys are programmed to stay slightly above body temperature. And in most self-heating sex toys, you can control this temperature.

All good things come in warm packages.

A warmed up sex vibrator, or dildo, will surely stimulate your pleasure points to a far greater degree. It results in much more intense orgasms. But self-heating toys are not only for the winter season. There are many other benefits of adding a self-heating vibrator to your sex life. First, it relaxes the muscles and increases the blood flow to the genitals. It helps in increasing the blood flow towards the genitals to alleviate sore muscles, pain, and pent-up stress. Once this trio is out of the picture, you will feel your arousal levels elevated. Also, if you are someone who has intense menstrual cramps every month or suffer from endometriosis, self-heating sex toys can help ease your pain and stress during intercourse.

How it works

Did you know that playing around with the temperature of one’s sex toy is nothing new? Yes! People have been placing their toys on ice or in warm water for a long time now to enhance their effect – but thanks to technology, you can now get your vibrator warmed up to the perfect temperature.

Take this Rabbit LUX Double Vibrator with Heating, for example. Powered with 30 vibration frequency modes and a heating function, this rabbit vibe is the perfect partner for winters. The clitoral stimulator offers multiple vibration patterns and speeds for more stimulation and much more intense orgasms. Once the warm vibe reaches your G-spot, you will never look back. You can even use it as a body massager. What’s more? The body is made of medical-grade silicone, so it is safe, non-toxic, easy to clean and skin-friendly.

The warming feature in most sex toys works similarly. To enable the heating function, all you need to do is turn on the heat switch, and the vibrator will do the rest of the work using the in-built heater. Some advanced vibes also give you the option of selecting the temperature. However, most of them are programmed to get heated until around the body temperature or a little higher. The vibe will take 5 to 10 minutes to heat up, and then it is ready to play around with.

Turn up the heat even more.

Want things to get even hotter? Try this water-based warming lubricant with your self-heating sex toy next time. It is a warming lubricant rich in phytoplanktons sourced from oceans and loaded with Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E. Whether you are planning on having intercourse or going solo, this lube warms you up. It makes your orgasms smoother and intensely wilder!

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