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What’s your HOT – P or the G-SPOT?

You might have heard about a lot of sex toys and how helpful they are when it comes to satisfying your sexual need. There are sex toys, or you may call vibrators which are specifically designed to stimulate certain body parts and some of them, which hit your G-spot and P-spot.

G-spot is a place inside a vagina which is small and has a bean like form to it. This is meant to give sexual excitement to a female, which leads to solid orgasm and ejaculation. The G-spot vibrators are quite effective in giving a satisfactory performance. They usually come in the shape of an erected penis, which can easily penetrate inside the vagina and reach the g-spot.

A normal dildo will not be able to reach the G-spot, as it lies in a special angle and thus these vibrators are curved and made in such a way to reach that area effortlessly without pain. There has been a lot of combination which are being made when it comes to sexually satisfying a female and making her reach her utmost pleasure. G-spot vibrators come with a clitoral vibrator as well, and this helps in stimulating the clitoris. When a female is not satisfied with only g-spot stimulation, these new age dual vibrator gives vibration to g-spot and clitoris both at the same time.

Let’s have a look at some G-spot vibes available @GetSetWild

Esha G-Sot Vibrator – This is a dual vibrator which comes with 8 vibration modes and concentrates on the G-spot as well stimulates the clitoris as well.

Lovesense Rush – Wireless Remote Controlled Vibrator – It comes with 10 vibration modes and one can use it via phone to control your partner from a distance. This has an amazing connectivity and 360 degree range.

Rabbit Vibrator – As the name suggests, it has rabbit like ears which stimulates the clitoris along with a penis head to reach the G-spot

Regala – It is crafted in such a way that it will leave you with the best possible orgasm. The soft velvety silicone body comes with 10 vibration modes. It is 100% waterproof.

Let’s move to the next sweet spot and that’s your P-spot and more about anal sex toys

P-spot or you may even call it as Prostrate – for men, this spot is the most pleasurable, and it can give stronger and firmer orgasm. For many, prostrate is a new word, and they won’t know where it is located or what it is – Prostate is the size of a walnut and placed a couple of inches inside your anal opening. This spot is full of nerve ending and can give you the most powerful orgasm to the whole body. To give you a quick example on how the feeling would be – Just imagine the sensation that you get in your genital area while you ejaculate? – Prostate when properly stimulated gives the same amazing feeling everywhere! Would you like to explore more on how you can have the same feeling? Then, let’s get down to knowing some of the prostate massager which will make you feel sensational.

Many anal sex toys are available which are used to please your senses – these include anal beads, dildos and butt plugs. But there are massagers which are specifically designed for your prostate.

Beginner P-spot massager (Pink) – As the name suggests, this is for people who have just started. It is made of soft silicone material which will slide in easily when used with a good lube. Flexible and slim – that’s what makes it the new favorite amongst beginners.

Aneros Mgx Trident Male P-spot Massager – This is specifically designed to for Male P-spot stimulation. The one thing which makes this massager different is that it uses your own body’s energy and converts it for creating some wonderful sensation. No batteries, no artificial vibrations – this is your own impression.

Prostate Massager And Anal Stimulator With Wireless Remote For Men – A wireless and amazing anal massager which concentrates on the P-spot and your testicles as well. There are 12 vibration modes to this massager. You can use it with your partner or all by yourself. Get an unexpected pleasure and tease yourself with one of the most powerful anal massager available @GetSetWild

More or less, we have covered those two spots for both men and women which can be teased upon. You just need to explore your body and make use of the new inventions that makes life easier and more pleasurable for you.